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I have discovered that I like to take pictures.  I can capture the world from different angles which is important because people have different views of the world.  Each person’s view is just as important as the next person.  This summer has been great because I am learning to become a better photographer which makes me very happy.  

I have also been writing poetry since I was in the third grade.  I participate in poetry slams and open mics.  I want people to hear my point of view and how I feel.  I also enjoy hearing what other writers have to say.

It’s okay living in Chicago. It could be better but the views and stores are the best.  All the violence makes me want to go crazy, and it makes me just want to let out all my feelings out.  

I think that the main thing that I have connected with in Studs Terkel’s work is that he tries to get both sides of people’s stories. I have learned to try to get everyone’s thoughts on different subjects.

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