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I am discovering myself as an artist.  I am interested in music and poetry.  

I want to make music because I love music.  Music helps me escape reality and helps me think.  No matter how I am feeling, there is some type of music that goes with my emotions.  I am a good singer, but I don’t know how to play any instruments yet.  I hope to learn how to play and produce music.  I have friends who taught themselves how to play and produce, so I am hoping to do the same.   quality doxycycline no rx

There’s buy viagra online fast delivery  always a lot of stuff going on, so sometimes I write poetry about it.  If I am sad, I will write a poem to express my feelings.  If I am happy, I will write a poem to express my feelings.  Whatever I am feeling, I will write a poem.  I like to experiment with poetry.    

Living in Chicago is fine, and I like the food and being able to go downtown and shop or just look at the buildings.  

Speak Up

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